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New Patent Document Suggests Samsung Developing Holographic Displays

Samsung always works to set new trends in the tech industry. Recently, the company unveiled the world’s first foldable smartphone at the developer conference. Now, as per a document published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Samsung is researching a new display technique in which the company will use high-quality holographic display panels that will drastically reduce the amount of processing power required to run the device.

Concept Of Holo

The company is specifically working on holographic technology and using parallax methods and resource-intensive computer-generated holograms with the aid of a spatial light modulator, eye tracking, and progressive scanning. For image or object building, the viewer’s pupil will be tracked and based on it, two or more images would essentially be displayed of the projected image. Each successive frame is displayed at high-resolution from the continuously changing position of the ‘observer’ within a set range of locations based on that tracking.

Samsung Patent Us232822590 Img03 600x811

This newly-patented technology is based on implementation of previous holographic tech by streamlining it. In other words, we can say that Samsung is trying to make a holographic image by using a single observer and their unique perspective instead of creating a room-scale holographic that any observer can see from any angle all the time. However, it is less desirable since the object built on this display won’t necessarily be viewable by more than one observer at the same time.

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As this technology is at a very initial stage, we cannot say when it will be available to users. However, Samsung is trying to revolutionize the display industry. Last week, the company announced ‘Infinity Flex Display’ which has the tendency to fold and the company is set to launch the first smartphone based on this display technique – named as Galaxy F – in March 2019. As per Korean news agency Yonhap, the price of this phone could be around KRW 2 million (roughly $1,770 or Rs. 129,100). This makes it the most expensive phones in the world.