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IMC 2018: Reliance Jio and Ericsson Demonstrate Driverless Car to Showcase Potential of 5G Network

On the opening day of India Mobile Congress (IMC), there were many exciting demonstrations by leading companies. One of the most talked about displays was a driverless car put up by Reliance Jio and Ericsson. It demonstrated trial 5G network and displayed potential uses of the high-speed 5G technology. Also, the company displayed a flying drone equipped with facial recognition capabilities.

Jio Driverless

For a demonstration of the driverless car, the use-case demo was divided between two places. A car connected over a live 5G network in IIT-Delhi was also made accessible at IMC booth about 12-kilometres away for remote driving. Also, another car connected to 5G at RCP, Mumbai was controlled from the IMC.

We saw a person was controlling the car remotely at the Aerocity venue with the video being streamed from there through 5G. Notably, this demonstrates the low latency and efficiency of 5G that has the potential to seamlessly connect you in real time, regardless of the distance.


During a demo of the driverless car, a Jio official said, “5G introduces the ability to remotely control devices and heavy machinery, thus unlocking the potential for improved mission-critical applications in medical services, surgeries, and industrial automation that would otherwise be unavailable. 5G will also allow for operations of machines to be controlled in hazardous situations in order to keep human life safe.”

The company also displayed a 5G-enabled drone that could perform powerful security surveillance and identifying threats by monitoring from the sky on real-time basis. The company claimed that the 5G technology is 10 times more efficient than 4G technology and has super-low latency capabilities. This can significantly improve the safety of self-driving cars. With 5G technology, a Face ID enabled-drone can help identify threats on a real-time basis.

Reliance Jio 5g Ultra Broadband

The officials also added that the 5G technology can also be used in telemedicine in evaluation, diagnosis, and clinical care of patients from a distance. We can consult patients through audio and video conferencing, diagnose diseases from a distance, remotely monitor vital signs, transmit images in real-time, and access results.